Your Business depends on protecting your Business Assets. We’re confident that we are the best choice in the Fort Worth, Alliance, and Greater DFW area in providing the following unique and powerful benefits to your business as your trusted CyberSecurity and IT Services Partner.


13 Reasons Why You Should Choose iTrust IT as your Managed CyberSecurity and IT Services Provider

Customer Service Reasons:

R1: We don’t Fear Telling You What Solutions You Need because we Earn Your Trust Day-by-Day!:
Why don’t we fear recommending a solution that might cost a bit more than average? We do so because we seek to act as your “Trusted Advisor” and Virtual CISO (Certified Information Security Office). That word “Trust” is insured when we make decisions, recommendations and act with maturity and integrity. We define “Maturity” when it comes to your IT Systems as “Doing what we need to do when we need to do it!”. We define “Integrity” as “Doing the right thing… even when no one is looking!”

Our adherence to those concepts allows us to put that elusive and hard-earned word “Trust” in our name and we stand by it day after day without fail. It’s a word that we “Own” and we strive to earn yours by fearlessly recommending the correct solutions for your IT Management Scenario and then enabling you with value statements (i.e. “Why You Pay Us!”) in the areas of Risk Mitigation (RM), Operational Efficiency (OE), Competitive Advantage (CA), and a true Return on Investment (ROI)!

R2: Unrivaled Reliability and Reachability:
We reliably answer our phones live 24-hours-per-day (Yes! EVEN Weekends and Holidays) Why? Because many of the CEOs and executives we support work outside of normal “Business Hours” and find it the most productive time they have. If they cannot access their computer network AND can’t get hold of anyone to help them, it’s incredibly frustrating. If you are on one of our Managed Security Services Plans that feature our highly-trained and highly-staffed 24-Hour Help Desk--

We guarantee that you will have a technician working on your problem within minutes of your call or chat session with the GOAL of solving the issue on the very first contact, saving you both time and frustration. This “Service Level Agreement (SLA)” is written into every service agreement we give to our clients because it’s “standard procedure”.

R3: Respectful and Professional Support with “No Geek Speak”:
Our technicians are trained to have the “heart of a teacher” and their management practices “Servant Leadership” and both will take time to answer your questions and explain everything in simple terms that are meaningful to you and each of your staff members. Rather than stuffing you into a “Cookie Cutter” model like most other IT Support Groups-- Our technicians are trained to use the EDGE Method to (E)ducate, (D)irect, (G)uide and (E)nable your staff to learn to solve most of their own day-to-day issues —with the understanding that they will always have us available 24/7 to simply solve the problem for them if they are too busy to deal with it!

R4: Network Design and Delivery with Operational Efficiency in Mind:
We conduct scheduled Quarterly Business Review meetings with our Managed Security Services clients to strategically look for new ways to help improve their operations, lower costs in both “Time and Treasure”, increase efficiencies and otherwise get ahead of any problems that may arise before they ever become major problems! Our goal with these meetings is to help our clients be more risk averse, profitable, efficient and competitive. 

R5: Clear and Concise Invoicing:
We have ONE SIMPLE GOAL: No Surprises when it comes to your bill or anything else related to your IT! We provide detailed and simple invoices that allow you to easily budget and keep track of everything IT-Related that you are paying for—without having to pour through line item after line item of “geek speak” to try to figure out what you are being charged and for what. We also double-check our invoices for accuracy before they are sent to you to save time on both sides of the process. 

R6: Projects Budgeted and Completed On-Time:
All projects are estimated within your budget and are guaranteed to be completed on time, in writing. This is important because many unethical or incompetent computer guys will only quote vague “time and materials” estimates, which gives them free rein to nickel-and-dime you as well as take as much time as they want completing a project. We carefully define the timeline and scope of a Project with the end goal in mind and with the flexibility of creating new phases of the Project to meet initiatives that are uncovered as we complete the primary project phase!


Network Maintenance & Security Reasons:

R7: 24-7-365 Proactive Protection, Dependable Detection, and Rapid Response:
Our remote and local network monitoring system PROTECTS and watches over your business network from the outside AND the INSIDE to DETECT developing problems & security issues. Once DETECTED -- our fully-staffed Network and Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC) can rapidly RESPOND and address them BEFORE they turn into bigger problems. Our team of Network & Security Specialists often addresses hacking attempts and errors that can lead to full breaches -- literally while you sleep! Even better, you’ll sleep SOUNDLY with the peace-of-mind of knowing that you have exercised “Due Care” by implementing a professional Managed Security Services Plan to protect your business and its assets!

R8: Professional Procurement of Hardware, Software, and Cloud Resources: Our unique
“Procurement Service” guarantees that your Workstations, Monitors, Printers, and other hardware, and Cloud Data Storage won’t become Outdated, Out-of-Warranty, and Inconsistent and hard to keep track of! Based on decades of experience, our procurement service allows you to plan and budget for the replacement of critical hardware on a scheduled basis to assure maximum performance and uptime.

We make sure that your hardware remains consistent so that you don’t end up with the typical “hodge-podge” of inconsistent hardware that can make your network unreliable and more-costly to maintain and manage. We INSIST that every critical hardware component is kept under warranty-- which insures a quick-and-no-cost-replacement should hardware problems occur. FURTHER: We educate and protect you from costly purchasing errors that result in hardware that is either incompatible or not well-suited to your network Security and Performance goals.

We’ve seen “bargain hardware” purchased from such “Big Box” stores like Best Buy (Great for your home but NOT for your business) cause massive downtime and constant nagging problems that simply wouldn’t have occurred with “Business-Class” hardware. This is one area where you really “Get what you pay for” and we are there as your trusted purchasing & procurement advisor to help you invest wisely!

R9: Never-Outdated Network & IT Resources Documentation:
We proactively create and maintain secured cloud-based network documentation of ALL of your IT Resources. All Managed Security Services clients receive this in electronic form at no additional cost. We also are CONSTANTLY updating this material and making sure that everyone charged with supporting your network has this information readily available and knows how to use it—from the Help Desk to the Network Operations Center (NOC) to the Security Operations Center (SOC)!

R10: Redundant & Reliable Technicians:
Our technicians on staff are “cross-trained” to be familiar with your network in case any of your regular technicians go on vacation, get sick, leave the company, or otherwise have to deal with what life throws at us all. Since we keep detailed secured cloud-based network documentation (basically a blueprint of your computer network) and updates on every Managed Security Services client’s account-- any of our technicians can pick up where another one has left off.

R11: Leveraging our “Vendor Liaison Service”:
We care enough about your business to call your vendors on your behalf to weed-through and simplify the confusing technical jargon and handle IT-related issues-- saving you precious time and frustration! We consider this to be one of the most important ways in which we act as a “Trusted Advisor” to your business. We can quickly cut through the “tech talk” and give you actionable information in laymen’s terms and allow you to ask questions without having to have a degree in “Geek Speak”. IF your personal approval is required with the vendor in question – we will respect your time by bringing you into the call or discussion ONLY after we have deciphered everything to give you clear and concise information – allowing you to make an educated decision!


Cyber Security & Data Protection Reasons:

R12: Rapid Recovery and Return on Your Backup Investment:
We INSIST on having our Backup and Recovery Team monitoring and verifying BOTH onsite and off-site backups and insist on having professional onsite Backup Appliances instead of letting you rely on outdated tape or external hard drive backups (Which are INCREDIBLY unreliable). We make sure all of our clients have (Warning of highly-technical term incoming!) “HYBRID BDR Appliance-Based Backup”—which simply means that they have their critical data protected both ONSITE and OFFSITE in the Cloud and properly-secured (and encrypted when compliance dictates).

R13: We Know That classic "Managed Services" isn't enough to Protect Your Business From the Bad Guys!:
With our "CyberTrust" Enterprise-grade Cyber Security Solution at a non-Enterprise price-- We represent a complete end-to-end Managed Security Services Solution versus the cobbled-together "Cheap or Free Antivirus" and "Basic Firewall" all too common in classic “Managed Services”. In fact—the term "Managed Services" has become all too common-- with everyone from One-Man-Bands to Printer Companies and Internet Providers claiming to offer “Managed Services”. Our version of "Managed Services"—specifically our CyberTrust Manages Security Services-- will beat their version each and every day for the reasons stated above. Unlike most of the crowd of MSP's that look and sound the same -- We have invested Time and Treasure into protecting YOUR Time and Treasure from the "Cyber Pirates" and Tidal Waves of today’s online ocean!

Since the Wall Street Journal recently revealed that 90% of today's breaches occur due to UNPATCHED SYSTEMS -- we proactively Protect with reliable automated patching of all of your systems including Windows and Mac updates as well as firmware updates of all of your hardware resources! Firmware Updates are-- in simple terms-- updates and security fixes for your hardware devices. This includes everything from Firewalls down to Security Cameras and other "Internet of Things (IoT)" devices such as thermostats that the bad guys OFTEN use as a freeway into your network!

We back this PROTECTION with Enterprise-grade DETECTION and RESPONSE -- with our Security Information and Event Management ("SIEM" for short) systems detecting a hacking attempt before it becomes embedded in your systems! Our 24-Hour Security Operations Center ("SOC" for short) then RESPONDS immediately and has the ability to isolate the hacking attempt, track its origin, and otherwise "stop it in its tracks" before it starts opening doors and windows for other hacks! In fact—our system is so advanced that any compromised system can be “sent to the corner” and otherwise isolated from the rest of the network until it can be brought back into a secure state!