Are you being asked by your Board of Directors, Owners, Vendors, Customers or Insurance Company about your organization’s “CyberSecurity Plan” or congruence with ISO/NIST CyberSecurity Data Protection Frameworks?

Do you need a trusted advisor to explain and walk you through the seemingly mind-boggling process? We can help.

We pride ourselves in making the complex simple without “Geek Speak” but instead with a firm knowledge of key business processes and responsible and ethical application of Risk Mitigation solutions that won’t sacrifice Operational Efficiency.

Further—we’ll show you how to make CyberSecurity a Competitive Advantage with a measurable Return on Investment!

"Maybe you're a C-Level Executive, Owner, or Manager reading the Wall Street Journal's daily reporting of the massive uptick in Cyber-Crime, Breaches, and Ransomware-- wondering and worrying if you and your company are the next target of Cyber-Criminals.

Maybe instead you’ve slipped into a state of "Cognitive Dissonance” aka “That will never happen to MY Company” because you think your company is "too small" or has “nothing to protect”.

Maybe you are assuming that your IT Department or IT Company "Has it Covered" and that your management team and your employees are "Too Smart" to fall prey to these highly-trained Cyber-Criminals and Nation States with dedicated "Adversarial Actors" who search, buy, and sell Intellectual Property, C-Level Executive Identity Data, and Control System exploits and weaknesses in companies just like yours on the Dark Web.

You are not alone.  It's easy to think "This will never happen to me"-- and yet it most likely WILL unless you exercise "Due Care" by taking an honest look at your Cyber-Security under the guidance of a 3rd-Party Trusted Advisor.

Make no mistake - Cyber Security IS Complicated and done incorrectly—unnecessarily complex.  IT Departments and even IT Companies are too scared to admit that it's a real daily threat to the companies that they serve and Management is often too busy to care-- until it's TOO LATE and your company or your company's reputation is damaged beyond repair.  It goes way beyond having the best firewall and best Anti-Virus—as 92% of all breaches can be attributed to people and policy (Namely, your employees and the lack of documented, applicable, and actionable CyberSecurity Policies).

Let us act as your trusted Cyber-Security Advisor and give you the Peace of Mind that you deserve by applying our CyberTrust(tm) Cyber Security Solution to your Technology, People, and Processes TODAY! 817-717-5753

Add our CyberSecurity experts to your company's team when:

  • You want to focus on your business rather than worrying about protecting it.
  • You suspect that you may be vulnerable to Cyber-Criminals but have no documented CyberSecurity Plan.
  • You must comply with Compliance or Framework Standards like SOX, ISO, HIPPA, PCI, etc. and need a trusted advisor to walk you through Compliance and Security standards, meet with Auditors, Legal Entities, etc.
  • You know you have Business Assets like Financial Accounts, Intellectual Property, Customer Private Information, or Control Systems that Cyber-Criminals or Nation States would want access to.
  • You suspect you need better reliability and security for your computer network and want to know if your company information and data is already being sold on the Dark Web and if there are already Bots and Back-doors on your current network that are ticking time-bombs (The average hacking group spends and average of 220 days on a corporate network gathering information prior to launching a Cyber-Attack)
  • When your systems are down (or worse—breached)—it costs you money and time.
  • You need to be certain your data is always protected, period.
  • You need to know who has access to your network and cloud resources at all times.
  • You'd like to enable your employees and your sales staff to work remotely from anywhere yet want them to be protected when they do.
  • You want your employees to do the jobs they were hired for-- not wasting their time and making your network/cloud vulnerable by troubleshooting their own computer problems.
  • You believe that paying to proactively prevent problems is more efficient than paying to reactively fix problems.
  • You're looking to protect your business in a frugal manner, but need to know the technology and costs involved in doing so before you sign off on a plan and associated projects.
  • You are an “Asset Owner” (Owner, C-Level Executive, etc.) -- Your interests and reputation are tied to the bottom line and you are either directly or indirectly responsible for protecting one or more of your company’s business assets.
  • Your IT Department or “Computer Guy” dodges questions or engages in “Geek Speak” relevant to your CyberSecurity inquiries—assuring you that “They have it covered”—stating that you have a great firewall and antivirus to “ease your mind” and stop you from asking for more detail.