Integrity, Follow Up, Owner Involvement

ITrust IT provides round the clock 24/7 accessibility coupled with a “full service” cradle to grave offering. The superior response time, personal attention and a direct relationship to the owners is unbeatable.

IT firms sometimes all seem the same, just like transportation companies, and pricing is usually very similar. The value add differentiators for ITrust IT are integrity, follow-up and business/owners that are plugged in and directly involved in the business and the community.

Give Scott and the team a call—You’ll thank me that you did!

John Hickerson, Columbia School of Business CEO
Global Net Logistics
Grapevine, TX

“The team at iTrust IT allows me to use technology as an advantage rather than a constant roadblock and that allows me to be the best Realtor I can be!”

Being a busy Realtor requires a lot of hours spent out of the office helping our clients find the perfect home or sell their current home.  When I get back to the office, I need to be able to work effectively and efficiently in a short time window before heading out again to help the next clients.  Technology problems can completely derail a Realtor’s day and disrupt our busy schedule— it is so great to know that the iTrust IT team is just a click or call away, even during a Realtor’s most-critical times—WEEKENDS! I can fire up a chat session and have someone pop right on to my workstation or I can call someone 24/7/365 to have them help me with any issues!  Thank you iTrust IT!

Kim Gardner Realtor & Buyer Specialist
The Nystrom Team

“iTrust migrated us from our slow and unreliable email and phone system to their recommended cloud solutions and we’ve never looked back”

As the Admin of a busy Property Management company, it’s a full-time job keeping track of all the properties that we manage and communication with our property owners and their tenants is one of the most-important parts of our job.  Before iTrust IT, we used to constantly deal with email and phone shutdowns/slowdowns, the inability to send and receive email and calls in a timely manner, and having to deal with keeping it all “In Sync” across all of the devices that we use at the office and most importantly-- while out at managed properties. Without the team at iTrust managing our emails, phone systems and all of our other technology needs-- we would be spending too much time focusing on getting our technology to work rather than focusing on being a great Property Management company!

Heather Maxwell Assistant Propert Manager
TNT Property Management

“It’s nice to know that the super-heroes at iTrust IT are there to save the day!”

Before we had the Super-Heroes of iTrust IT swoop in to rescue us from the “Villains of IT”—we were constantly plagued by the forces of evil when it came to our computers, servers, and our network.  It got so bad that I used to start each day with the saying “Technology will not defeat me today!”.  Now, with iTrust IT watching over us—it’s awesome to know that we have real live super-heroes ready to put on their capes and save us from the villains of the technology metropolis!

For us, we rely on the Super Heroes at iTrust IT!

Dee Arnold Broker Office Manager & Director of Agent Services & Solutions
Re/max Heritage

“If you are looking for a trustworthy IT Partner for your Medical Office that “Gets it”, look no further than the team at iTrust IT”

Before iTrust IT started managing our IT systems, we were having our main EHR Server crash every few days resulting in frustration at all staff levels. We brought in iTrust IT and have never regretted that decision. They have removed IT worries which allow our staff and providers to do what they do best - caring for patients.

What the iTrust team does for us goes way beyond the typical “computer stuff”.  They have been instrumental in holding our hand through the IT challenge of migrating from one EHR to another—acting on our behalf with both the previous vendor and the new vendor to eliminate poor communication, “gotchas”, misunderstandings of product capabilities, and resultant downtime. With a click of a button, a trouble ticket is created and within minutes we have competent responses from the iTrust IT staff chatting online or remoting into the computer to isolate and solve the problem.  No problem has been too small or too big to handle to date. The trouble ticket system has been a life saver for all staff.

They were ready and willing to assist us with a major project—moving our office and everything involved in running a medical practice to our new location. They advised us on many facets of the move—even reviewing blueprints and working with vendors to make sure that we had a sound plan. On the scheduled day—we opened a new office ON SCHEDULE!

One of the intangible things that separates them from previous vendors is that they care about OUR business. They attended a recent conference for our EHR vendor and assisted the primary provider and office staff with the myriad of vendor choices for everything from faxing to getting paid sooner. It’s great to have an “advocate” when discussing your office needs with the vendor sales people and avoid purchasing something that you do not need or not choosing the correct vendor for a key need.  Even the IT-related complicated staffing issues and the typical staff churn issues are handled professionally, securely, and responsively. When you are looking for a trustworthy IT company to help you brave the ever-changing medical security and compliance landscape—look no further than iTrust IT!

Darla Snead Office Manager
Alliance Women’s Healthcare